Grow tents

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A typical grow tent consists of a metal or plastic frame and a tent cloth made of reflective material.
Most tent cloths are black on the outside and reflective white or silver on the inside, maximizing the reflection of light from the lamp.

In addition, the tent cloth makes the tent lightproof.
Most grow tents come with hanging bars for lamps and/or ventilation systems, as well as ventilation holes, exhaust systems, and electrical cable holes.
Higher quality tents have a waterproof bottom, are durable, and lightproof.

We only sell original grow tents from the best brands:
  • Secret Jardin
  • Mammoth
  • Homebox

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What are the benefits of growing plants in a grow tent?

  • There is minimal chance of moisture in the tent due to good air flow, preventing damage to the plants.
  • Grow tents are lightproof, preventing any light leakage.
  • Climate control is easy in a grow tent, giving you more control over your plants.
  • Install an exhaust/filter system to prevent odor from escaping, using vacuum pressure.